How to play CDs or DVDs Windows

Windows DVD Player is a mediocre app and we are not sure why anybody would use it. Insert a DVD into the DVD-ROM, and wait for DVD loading and playing in anticipation. However, to your disappointment, your PC seems unable to play DVD for you. Some suspicious software is installed and ruins WMP performance. Microsoft has posted workarounds for those DVD player app issues. If your Windows DVD Player was working fine but someday turned gray, how to fix it?

It is compatible with Windows 10 and Mac OS. We introduce this device as one of the slimmest players, which makes it portable and optimizes workspace. Standard DVDs on the market are not close to being efficient as the M-DISC on this player. It has a writing speed of 8X which enables it to burn more discs in a short period of time. If you don’t mind waiting a bit for the disc to rip, you can use MakeMKV to create MKV files and then watch them in any media player. If you selected the “Like a USB flash drive” choice, Windows then formats the disc and displays it within a File Explorer window after formatting it. You can then use the disc as if it were any other folder on your system.

The Microsoft Store

In fact, How to install a driver manually? about 75% of Windows users are on Windows 10, and it’s believed by many PC users to be the best Windows OS ever made to this day. Your download will start immediately upon accepting this agreement. You may close this window once your download begins. If you’re scanning a smaller item that doesn’t fill the entire scanner bed, look for the circle markers in each corner of the preview scan. Drag each circle inward to surround the area you want to copy.

  • This is mainly because it has a limited number of options.
  • Ironically, setting the hardware bar a bit high does limit how many existing systems it will be able to shove Windows 11 at next year.
  • If your CD/DVD drive is normal, it will be shown as something like the image below shows.
  • Windows 11 has higher technical requirements than Windows 10, is possible to install Windows 11 on devices that don’t meet the minimum requirements.

Be specific—if you see a specific error message or code, search for that. By default, this connects you to a “virtual agent.” Type what you want support with, and it’ll try to find you some information. You can also skip this part and type something like “talk to a human” to get connected with a Microsoft support person. Try downloading games, and you shouldn’t face any errors. You can even delete the existing card from your account and add a new active one.

At the time of the launch of Windows 10 company said that it will be the last version of Windows but it was not aware that things could change and they have to come up with a new Windows. Finally, on June 24, the new Windows were unveiled to the world in a live event by Panos Panay, the Chief Product Officer for Windows+ Devices at Microsoft. The upcoming Windows will also bring a new and revised new store for the users. Along with that the new policies are also very interesting. The developers, now, will be allowed to submit unpackaged Win32 apps to the store.

Hit the F1 Key

Windows 10 Education is available for Stanford-owned computers through Stanford’s campus agreement with Microsoft. Check with your desktop support staff for more information. Due to security concerns and to ensure compatibility with our campus computing infrastructure, University IT will support only Windows 10 Education, Windows 10 Pro, and Windows 10 Enterprise. I didn’t realize MS thinks they are executable files . If one of these fixes fails to work, you have several other options to try out.


Beside DVDs, VLC will play whatever you throw at it, will not ask for any codecs and it’s completely free. This could be the culprits of DVD read errors, such as DVD drive not reading discs, Xbox won’t recognizing discs. An outdated DVD driver will result in stuttering DVD playback and even make DVD unplayable since the heavy DVD decoding task would be turned over to CPU from GPU.

5KPlayer can be the free Windows 10 DVD player which is capable of playing encrypted DVD and DVD of any region without third party help. It can convert DVD to MP4, MPEG2, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP3, ISO, VIDEO_TS and other popular formats. ▪ Great audio experience with support for DTS HD Audio and Dolby True HD Audio. Click on Next, and it’ll start troubleshooting potential problems that are keeping you from playing your DVDs. This list was put together to help you better understand the reasons preventing you from playing your DVDs and their respective fixes.

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